Creating Wealth with Realty Partners

by Thomas Heimann on August 19, 2016

Realty Partners has created an unprecedented opportunity to create real, long-term wealth and financial independence for it’s agents. The purpose of Realty Partners is to not only provide superior value to its agents, but most importantly to provide an opportunity for entrepreneurial, hard working agents to create true financial freedom for themselves and their families.

I created a very casual presentation that will show you in detail not only how you can create wealth with Realty Partners, but also highlights the limited time opportunity available only through the end of this year to super-charge the process. You will also learn how exactly the profit sharing and partnership/equity plan works, and what each position’s estimated value will be in terms of ongoing residual income, as the company continues to grow.

If you have ever desired an opportunity to create true financial independence for yourself and your family with your real estate business, then Realty Partners is the opportunity you have been working for. For more information please visit, or e-mail me directly at

To Your Success!

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Thomas Heimann
Founder & CEO

Realty Partners, Lic Real Estate Broker


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