Sailing Adventure

by Thomas Heimann on August 3, 2016

Since I am a little boy, it’s been my dream to sail the oceans.

I remember sitting at the marina in Palma de Mallorca as a young boy, looking at the boats and drawing boats and their interiors, and fantasizing about sailing around the world.

As I got older I did a little bit of Hoby-Cat sailing here and there, and sailed on small boats a few times, but never got around to really learning it from ground up, properly.

For the past couple of years I’ve had it as one of my goals to attend a sailing course/cruising/liveaboard combination type of class where I would have full immersion for a week or so and in the process become bareboat certified (ASA 101 through 104 certifications).

So here I am, making this dream and long-time goal a reality.

Being an entrepreneur is not just about working 100 hours weeks building things, but it is also about enjoying the fruits of your labor and pursuing your passions.

I am blessed to have the most amazing partner in my wife Pamela who continuously encourages me and reminds me that “doing something for myself” or “pursuing a passion” does not mean I am being lazy (I have somewhere a crazy belief system – aka BS – wired up that has me feeling that I’m being lazy when i am not going 100 MPH all the time).

I am going to document my journey and sailing adventure and we’ll see where this leads.

Like I told Pamela this morning: I know that I will not hate it, I’ll either be luke warm about it (as in “I’m glad I did it”) or I’ll absolutely LOVE it. If it’s the latter then world watch out since there’ll be a lot of sailing ahead! 🙂

Thomas Heimann

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