Life Cycles and the Real Estate Industry

by Thomas Heimann on November 23, 2017

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Every person, business and industry goes through life cycles. Learn how this applies to our industry; understanding this will allow you to anticipate opportunities and position yourself accordingly. Ignore and you may perish 

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The ‘4 Corners’ of a Real Estate Transaction

by Thomas Heimann on April 30, 2017

This short video explores the four ‘corners’ of a typical real estate transaction in which buyer, seller and listing and selling brokers/agents come together.     It is critical for real estate professionals to understand the distinctly separate relationships and agreements that govern such a transaction.

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7 Figure Opportunity for Real Estate Recruiting Masters

April 24, 2017

What Would You Do If You Could Do Anything? Realty Partners – The Agent Owned Company™ – is revolutionizing the real estate industry with the first truly agent-centric business model that allows agents for the very first time to truly be co-owners and partners in their real estate firm, instead of just hanging their license […]

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Real Estate Agent’s Bare Minimum Tools for Success

April 24, 2017

Are you a Professional, or are you just “winging it”? This short video goes over the absolute ‘must have minimum’ tools and attitudes if you want to succeed in this business. A ‘must watch’ for any real estate professional.

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A personal message to all Keller Williams (KW) agents, and those who are considering joining Keller Williams

April 13, 2017

For a direct link to this post, click here.  (Click image to play message) Keller Williams is a great company but there are some facts you absolutely should know about. There is a lot of hype pushed by KW recruiters that have simply zero bearing in reality. If you are considering Keller Williams (KW) or […]

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Critical Drivers for your Real Estate Business

January 4, 2017

In this short video I am sharing with you the actual critical drivers (aka KPI’s) that I used in my own real estate practice. The video is cut off at the weekly driver’s section but you’ll understand the info since weekly and monthly CD’s are exactly the same as daily’s, just tracked for different time […]

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The Ultimate Goal Setting Workshop

December 18, 2016

This was recorded at one of our training sessions. You will be in for a treat – this is a fantastic Goal Setting Workshop that I have done now every year for the past 15 years. Time to make your dreams a reality! Download the workbook here:

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Creating Wealth with Realty Partners

August 19, 2016

Realty Partners has created an unprecedented opportunity to create real, long-term wealth and financial independence for it’s agents. The purpose of Realty Partners is to not only provide superior value to its agents, but most importantly to provide an opportunity for entrepreneurial, hard working agents to create true financial freedom for themselves and their families. I […]

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Sailing Adventure

August 3, 2016

Since I am a little boy, it’s been my dream to sail the oceans. I remember sitting at the marina in Palma de Mallorca as a young boy, looking at the boats and drawing boats and their interiors, and fantasizing about sailing around the world. As I got older I did a little bit of […]

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Developing a Powerful USP for your Real Estate Business

April 21, 2016

For a direct link to this article, please click here. This training video is about how to set yourself apart in your market place by developing a powerful Unique Selling Preposition. As a REALTOR you are probably more than most professions active in a very competitive market place by definition. Each and every REALTOR has […]

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